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About us.

 Rachel Lovelace is an Arkansas native equipped with a vibe and a southern mama's soul. At a young age, she was instilled with a zeal and love for God, a passion for her community and the skillset to intricately, independently, and intentionally create. Ridden with ups and downs, Rachel's story is living proof that God made his children built to last. Most importantly, her story highlights the beauty that can be created when hardships are met with perseverance, love and community. These are the ingredients that brought you Raylovethreads, a black owned small business created with you in mind. Each bag is a custom, handmade product made for you by Rachel. Through her business, she wants to champion her two baby girls, Skylen and Forever, friends and clients to never give up; to show love using whatever gifts God has given you; and most importantly to meet every obstacle with style and grace.